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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Where to Wheel?

Where to Wheel is a user community dedicated to helping others with disabilities to find and rate accessible places around the world. Our mission is to allow users to empower themselves and empower others by adding to our listings!

How can I get involved with Where to Wheel?

Join our community to add reviews of places and share this site with your friends!

Do I have to join? How do I join?

You don’t have to join but it helps contribute info to our community. You can join by simply creating an account. By logging in with Facebook, Google or Email.

How do I add a listing?

Simply go to add listing. Then drag slide bar on each of accessibility features. 5 wheels is excellent and 1 wheel is poor.

How do get and collect reward points?

By becoming a member. You can collect reward points for every confirmed listing you add.

Where To Wheel is?

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