Onyx Tonics Specialty Coffee Burlington VT 3.7 (0)



126 College St, Burlington, VT 05401 , Burlington , VT ,

Mon-Sat 08:00:00 - 05:00:00

Sun 08:00:00 - 05:00:00

LunchDrinksService Dogs Welcome
Onyx Tonics Specialty Coffee Store in Burlington VT.

Parking: HC spots on street is very tough. Parking garages in area.

Entrance: Single door open out. Difficult to get in. small threshold to enter – 32” doorway.

Seating: Plenty accessible tables inside. Chairs pull out.

Spaciousness: Adequate throughout store including line to order.

Counter: Is at chest height.

Restroom: HC accessible restroom opens out. Spacious stall. Fully accessible HC amenities..

User Comment: Parking: street; lots of hills Entrance: small threshold to enter – 32” doorway Interior: roomy, easy to navigate, lots of space in between structures Ramp: N/A Checkout counter: chest height; able to use efficiently Seating: many tables with removable chairs.
Where To Wheel Accessibility Rating
Overall Rating: (3.7)

HC Parking : (1.9)

Entrance : (3.1)

Spaciousness of Venue : (3.8)

Accessible Seating : (4)

Restroom : (4)

Elevator : Not Rated

Ramp Steepness : Not Rated

Counter Height : (5)

Curb Cut : (3.9)